#1300T Electric Thick Belgian Cookie/Waffle Iron Nonstick

Made in the USA

( 4 product reviews )

$74.95 + $12 shipping

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  • Makes two thick Belgian cookies or American waffles at the same time
  • Non-Stick cooking surface
  • Cookies/waffle Dimensions:
    • - Thickness .53"
    • - Diameter 4.75"
  • Iron Weight: 7lb
  • Iron Size: 11" x 15" x 4"
  • Made in the USA of excellent quality aluminum casting
  • 5 year warranty on the imported electrical parts
Also comes without non-stick coating: Model #1300 $69.95

Product Reviews

  • Way better than a wall!

    Posted by txtaxman on 21st Mar 2016

    This product is at least 5 times better than a wall! And makes delicious waffles at a fraction of the cost!

  • Making Waffles Great Again!

    Posted by dave hill on 21st Mar 2016

    It'll make beautiful gold waffles. I PROMISE it'll make a simply beautiful breakfast and you'll never seen anything like it. Waffles make this country great and unlike china, America loves waffles. These waffles are huge. 5 beautiful golden stars.

  • way better than a wall

    Posted by Honeygirl on 21st Mar 2016

    I tried to make waffles with a huge wall, didn't work. This waffle iron though, made them perfectly. Waffle iron over wall.

  • Perfect

    Posted by Honeygirl on 26th Nov 2013

    Thank god a waffle iron not made in China. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only one and worth it!! Lived up to its warranty. Couldn't give it 5 stars because the non stick started to fail at about 3 years but I think that was due to my improper cleaning technique. I'm still using it, just using pam cooking spray now, otherwise it's a winner. Every made in China waffle iron I've owned has failed inside of 2 years or has never worked properly. Keep up the good work.

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