Cast Iron Sandwich Toaster

Made in the USA

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  • Cast iron sandwich toaster
  • Ribbs on the inside seal all ingredients between bread slices
  • Use on any outdoor grill or fireplace
  • Heavy duty casting to hold steady heat and cook evenly
  • Overall length is 26"
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • 4 1/2" Square sandwich area

Product Reviews

  • Best you can Find *** Without a doubt

    Posted by Mac in Virginia (formerly from PA) on 26th Nov 2018

    My in-laws got me hooked on the Palmer cast iron pie iron over 50 years ago. I bought other brands
    before and they did not make it through the test of time. The other brands either melted or the hinges
    broke or didn't crimp the same. I've bought several Palmer irons and keep using them for larger groups
    at our fire pit. My son has requested "one of the good pie irons" for Christmas this year. We moved from
    PA several years ago to VA, unable to find them around the area. We are in PA this week and are
    planning to visit the factory in West Newton to purchase another iron tomorrow.

  • 30 plus years and still cooking.

    Posted by Jodie McK on 24th Oct 2018

    These are the best pie irons we have ever owned. My parents are still using theirs from 50 years ago.

  • Best Mountain Pie Maker Ever

    Posted by ChrissyR on 22nd May 2018

    I have had mine for years and there is not any other one that compares to this one. I love that it crimps
    the edges and makes it really crispy!!

  • The only sandwich toaster worth owning

    Posted by GregV on 30th Aug 2017

    I have been using my Palmers for over 30 Years and they are legendary for my family and friends. The
    original one is still going strong. It is the only one that makes the perfect toasted sandwich over a fire. I
    have had friends show me other ones and they are never the same. My kids love these and we have
    come up with dozens of receipes from dinner to dessert and they are awesome for breakfast sandwiches.
    You would be amazed at how many unique sandwiches you can make. I am getting ready to order my
    third batch of toasters for a gift for my brother who borrowed mine over the weekend and fell in love
    with making sandwiches over the fire. Awsome Product and MADE IN THE USA

  • The best out there

    Posted by Catherine on 5th Aug 2017

    We have had out cast iron pie makers for over 40 years. Have given them as presents and our
    grandchildren now enjoy them.

  • Mt. Pie Making at it's Best

    Posted by Kristy P on 8th Jun 2016

    My parents have had the same pie irons for camping since I was a kid. Now, at almost 40 yrs. old, I am
    using their pie irons for my own. Of all the pie irons I have used (camping with friends, backyard
    campfires, etc), these ones are built to last & hold up amazingly. I am planning to purchase a couple
    more soon & am so happy to have been able to find that this company still produces them! Thank you C.
    Palmer Mfg Co. Inc!

  • Amazing

    Posted by Krissy on 25th Apr 2016

    Our original one has been in our family for 35+ years and just added 2 more to the collection. Have used
    many others trying to find one to compare to the amazing one we grew up using and all were a waste of
    money. I finally spent some time researching the name located on the side of our "Mountain Pie Maker"
    and was so excited to find that they were still in business. These are well worth the money, they last
    forever. Thank you for making a quality product for so many years!!!

  • The best on the market

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Apr 2016

    We have been using cast iron pie maker's here since the 80s when I was camping as a kid. The very best.
    I just bought a replacement for my parents to replace those 1980s pie maker's. Preparing to order for
    myself again now.

  • passed down a generation

    Posted by Dan on 2nd Feb 2016

    I am never written an online review but I must for this. This cast iron sandwich toaster is the best in the
    world. I received mine when my grandmother passes away a few years ago. She used it with my mother
    when she was a little girl as they go camping all the time. I know use it with my little girl and it is still
    going strong - even has a beautiful red handle, although my grandfather may have done that, not sure.
    Don't waste your money with the junk you'll find elsewhere, those don't crimp well and they heat
    unevenly. Buy this thing local if you can. They are great!

  • Get the best forget the rest

    Posted by Vicki on 15th Dec 2015

    Came across these irons in the late 70's at a hunting/outdoor supplies post in the mountains in PA. BEST
    IRONS EVER! Over the years I've tried two or three aluminum & non stick coated, non-hinged varieties
    that didn't compare and ultimately found their way to the trash. I have both the single and the double
    pie irons. Both are great, although I probably prefer the single one only because the double is a little
    heavy and you have to be a little more careful when you dump the pies out that you hit your plate with
    both pies! ;-) If you camp, or enjoy campfires even in your own back yard, you need one of these!

  • Getting ready to order a couple more

    Posted by Pie master on 17th Aug 2015

    This is the best pie iron you can buy. Crimps for a nice pie. We love them and have been making
    campfire pies our whole lives. Skip the Chinese junk and buy a high end pie iron made right here in

  • Love my iron

    Posted by Laurie on 30th Jul 2015

    We have had this iron since i was a kid absolutly love it,will not go with any other brand ever

  • Only a year old but fantastic pie iron

    Posted by Tom in Wisconsin on 16th Jul 2015

    I have only had my pie iron for a year it is great far better than any other irons on the market today!!!
    My other iron is 40+ years old and my new Palmer Manufacturing it the one I choose nearly every time.
    I just wish you made other cast iron pie irons...
    Thanks for making a great product.

  • Absolutely the best on the market - the hit of the party

    Posted by Karen from PA on 15th Dec 2013

    I have owned two of these for many years (25+). When we get invited to cookouts, we are always asked
    to bring our irons. The other cheaper ones don't hold a match to this one (excuse the pun) The hinges
    outlast the other aluminum ones by far. I recommend this one to all our friends, and have given them as

  • THE best pie iron around!!!

    Posted by Susan in Wisconsin (formerly from PA) on 31st Aug 2013

    I have had my irons since the 80's and they are by far superior to any other irons made out there. I
    absolutely agree with Kevin S., Cast iron is much better than the aluminum ones, and the hinged model is
    best. I have other non-hinged ones and I almost never use them. They are clumsy and awkward. In fact I
    have given some away. The crimped edges are also what makes it. The crimping seals everything in so
    the ingredients don't leak out. They are the absolute best pie makers out there. My cast iron pie makers
    have a wonderful patina on them. I never wash them. I religiously use cooking spray or butter with each
    sandwich and they slide right out. If there is any residual cheese or other ingredients remaining, I just
    cook it out or scrape off. I looked a long while to find these and I am so happy to have found your
    website. I ordered two more and can't wait to get them. I think I may order some more for Christmas to
    give as gifts for friends now that in found your website. I hope you continue to make these for many
    many more years. Thank you!!

  • 30+ years and still going strong

    Posted by Kevin S on 28th May 2013

    This is essential to my camping gear... have had this iron since camping with my mom and dad over 35
    years ago. Other campers always complain about their aluminum, or the 'non-hinged' models and want
    to know where I got mine. It is worth every penny... I can not sing my praises about mine enough.

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