#1130 Electric Thick Belgian Cookie/Waffle Iron

Made in the USA

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$69.95 + $12 shipping

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  • Makes two thick Belgian cookies or American waffles at the same time
  • Cookies / Waffle Dimensions
    • - Thickness .53"
    • - Diameter 4.75"
  • Iron Weight: 6 lb
  • Aluminum casting
  • Unique design with a stainless steel cover and heavy aluminum casting for the cooking area
  • Preset automatic thermostat
  • Tubular heating elements are similar to an electric range surface burner
  • Three-leg stand eliminates countertop wobble
  • 5 year warranty on the imported electrical parts
Also comes in non-stick: Model #1300T $74.95

Product Reviews

  • Waffle King!

    Posted by txtaxman on Jan 9, 2016

    I am very fussy in the kitchen. I abhor single use gadgets. I especially dislike over complicated, non-stick,
    electronic-laden doodads. My 11 yr old really wanted us to get a waffle maker, so we acquiesced. As long
    as it met my standards, it was a go. The thing is a waffle beast and I can see many future applications in
    its use. We made waffles today (after I ran a full test batch to season and clear the grate as well as nail
    cooking time). It heats and makes wonderfully yummy things. What more could you ask for?

  • Perfect cookies everytime

    Posted by dave hill on Nov 7, 2014

    Sure beats the old cast iron, one at a time cookie maker. I have been using this one for 3 years. It is tops
    in my book

  • One cookie makin SOB

    Posted by Honeygirl on Mar 23, 2014

    Been being used in the family for over 30 yrs and going strong. And even longer for the iron ones used
    on a gas stove.

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