#1110 Electric Thin Belgian Cookie Iron

Made in the USA

( 4 product reviews )

$69.95 + $12 shipping

  • Makes two thin, crisp Belgian cookies
  • Cookies Dimensions
    • - Thickness .26"
    • - Diameter 4.75"
  • Iron Weight: 6 lb
  • Aluminum casting
  • Unique design with a stainless steel cover and heavy aluminum casting for the cooking area
  • Preset automatic thermostat
  • Tubular heating elements are similar to an electric range surface burner
  • Three-leg stand eliminates countertop wobble
  • 5 year warranty on imported electrical parts

Product Reviews

  • after 9500 doubled waffles

    Posted by Titicatering, Oct 3, 2018

    I bought 2 of these machine the t1110 thin version.

    I was selling the waffles with caramel in between the waffles in the streets of costa rica and mexico. After
    10 months I sold 9500 double waffled > so actually the 2 machines made 19.000 waffles. I keep my
    recipe secret. But in Los Reyes of Mexico city they are still talking/asking about us.

    After about 7000 doubled waffles (14.000) the insulated electric wire inside broke down, because of the
    100 gallon of grease it had to endure. After a family member repaired it with a new heat insulated wire
    we continued our legacy. I could not have done it without these excellent machines. (we were using 2
    machines at the same time. perfect timing to handle 2 machines.)

    These machine are more efficient then the professional one, for the simple reason that it cut off the
    waffle when closing , loosing minimum of dough (I even take out the residu dough after half minute
    from the inside and reuse that.)

    I only wished Palmer made these machines for 220 volt for Europe. Now I have to look for a 110 volt
    convertor to 220volt for European standard.

    I hope you keep on selling these the next 100 year! Keep rocking Palmer !!

  • Awesome!!!!!

    Posted by Ed, Mar 21, 2017

    Extremely well made. The pictures don't do it justice, it's a work of art.

    Heats quickly and maintains heat when cooking. After the first cookie, never had an issue with sticking.
    Using it to make stroopwafels. They come out 1/16+ of an inch thicker than a traditional stroopwafel
    maker, but still a lot closer than the pizelle maker I used previously. And it cooks faster and more evenly.
    Maybe Palmer can make a DUTCH cookie iron that is just a tad thinner. *HINT* *HINT* :>)

    Quality, made-in-America-just-like-the-good-ole-days product.

  • The Best

    Posted by James K., Jan 20, 2015

    I"ve been using mine for over 12 years and it works great. I use it for what we call

    "French Cookies", using my dads recipe that must be 60 years old. We used to make them on the stove
    before I got one of your "new electric" irons.

    I hope you never go out of business. We need companies like this making such quality products. Thank

  • Not thin enough

    Posted by Lawrence, Dec 8, 2014

    The specification on this model says "3/16" inch cookies. Our cookies are coming out at least "1/4" thick.
    It does not sound like much but is a big difference from the iron we use to have. They are too thick for
    our liking.

    "Otherwise it is a good iron. We followed the directions for use and had no sticking problems. It is a solid
    well manufactured iron.

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